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Sally Lightfoot Crab in the GalapagosMarine Iguana in the GalapagosSea Turtle Tracks in the GalapagosSwallow-Tailed Gull & Sea LionBaby Swallow-Tailed Gull & MomLand Iguana in the GalapagosTwo Swallow-Tailed Gulls in the GalapagosYellow Warbler in the GalapagosSwallow-Tailed Gull in the GalapagosSea Lion in the GalapagosSea Lion in the GalapagosYellow Warbler in the GalapagosBlue-Footed Booby in the GalapagosMature Sea Lion in the GalapagosYoung Sea Lion in the GalapagosHeron onRocks in the GalapagosPencil Urchin in the GalapagosSally Lightfoot Crab in the GalapagosIguana on a Galapagos Beach

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Ronnie Davidson(non-registered)
Your photos, which are truly works of art, transport me back to the most wonderful holiday of my life. Thank you dear friends and I miss you
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